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TurboMeeting is a multi-function web collaboration system. The client-server architecture requires Internet connectivity for its operation. TurboMeeting has four distinct functions based on these meeting types:

  1. Interactive Meetings – This refers to conventional web conferencing including sales presentations, product demos, and interactive collaboration.
  2. Remote Support – This function simplifies the connection to another computer to control and support it and provides a remote reboot capability for unattended support.
  3. Seminars – This function ensures seminars that are easy, fast and reliable to join. You can join without any downloads.
  4. Remote Access to Computers – This function provides access anywhere, anytime to remote computers such as your office or home computers even if your computer has power cycled, and even if Internet has disconnected (and has reconnected later).

Depending on the product model you buy, some of the meeting types may not be available to you.



This manual provides the steps to use the TurboMeeting web collaboration system. The User Manual is organized as follows:

Section 1 Setting up TurboMeeting
Section 2 Hosting an Interactive Meeting
Section 3 Joining a Meeting
Section 4 Common Features
Section 5 Remote Support
Section 6 Seminars
Section 7 Remote Access to This Computer
Section 8 Unattended Support
Section 9 Scheduling Meetings
Section 10 Managing Profile
Section 11 Support Contact


The following terms are used throughout this manual. In a meeting, a participant can be either the Host or an Attendee:

  • The Host is the person who initiates the meeting. The Host must have a user account in TurboMeeting system.
  • The Attendee is the person invited by the Host to join a meeting. Attendee does not need an account in TurboMeeting system.

The Host or an attendee can either be:

  • The presenter showing their computer to all participants
  • A controller controlling the Presenter's keyboard and mouse



Here are a couple of constraints:

  • There is only one host and one presenter at any moment in a meeting.
  • The host or the current presenter can assign any participant to be the presenter.
  • The presenter can assign any participant or all participants to be a controller.