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Download Recording Converter


You can use the following converter to convert your recordings into standard formats: AVI, Flash and WMV.

Download the converter now (11MB).

The converter runs on Windows. To convert a recording,

  1. Load your recording file, which usually is an executable file. In rare occasions, you may have two files: one with ".exe" file extension and the other with ".rec". If that is the case, load the ".rec" file.
  2. Select a format
  3. Start the converting process.  Note that the results for Flash consist of three files to facilitate your publication over a web server.


For MAC users, before the converter for MAC is available, please use the following workaround

  1. Zip your recording and uncompress it on Windows
  2. Load the file with ".rec" extension under "Contents" and "Resources" to the converter and then run it.


TIPS: If you would like to have very high quality recording image, ask your presenter to choose "True color" under "Preferences" and "Image Quality". However, "True color" will slow down remote screen update speed. You can use the client software to record local computer desktop without any attendees. In this case, you can just choose the "True color" to get the best image quality with 100% accuracy thanks to a lossless compression codec.