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Case Study --- Network Logistic

Network Logistic, Inc.  is the largest privately owned Managed IT Service and Telephony Provider in Central Texas. The Company uses TurboMeeting to support its clients and provide managed IT services to its base of 4000+ clients, as well as conduct demos, show IP phone systems remotely, and remotely control client desktops to troubleshoot problems.

network logistic

The following is a Q&A with Mr. Pierre Kerbage, President of Network Logistic.

Q: What problems or specific issues did you need to resolve by Web conferencing?

A: “RHUB and TurboMeeting saves more than the day - literally. It allows us to save gas, trip time and become more efficient by doing remotely what was once not possible.”

Q: Please tell us how you installed and configured TurboMeeting. Did you have any issues or problems with the installation?

A: “Installation of RHUB could NOT be easier – it was under 15 minutes from box to completely working. It was elegant, well documented, and the interface is extremely intuitive.”

Q: Are there any specific features of TurboMeeting that are particularly important to you?

A: “The most important feature is the ability to be the Presenter or the Presentee with a single button. The ease of use, the interface and the speed of the unit are absolutely phenomenal.”

Q: How has your efficiency and productivity been improved?

A: “Thanks to RHUB and TurboMeeting, we have been able to save thousands of dollars MONTHLY in wasted trip time, and has and gain efficiencies and take us from the model of one-on-one support (one Engineer to one Client) to one-to many. A single engineer can now be at the office and support multiple desktops and multiple clients – whether they are next door or in Beirut!”

Q. Did you compare RHUB’s products to other Web conferencing solutions? Was it features, pricing, or something else that drove you to select RHUB?

A: “We did compare RHUB to several other solutions, including the well-known web conference solutions. For starters, the price point is unbeatable. TurboMeeting’s features are second to none, making RHUB the BEST VALUE on the market.”

Q: Are you satisfied with TurboMeeting, or are there any changes you'd like to see?

A: “No changes are needed. We are extremely satisfied with the unit.”

Q: Is there a concluding statement you’d like to make?

A: “RHUB’s TurboMeeting is an absolute must for any company - small, medium or large - that is selling a product or a service, or needs to save on gas and trip times. With it you can support one or 1000 computers, or present professionally to one or many, without having to worry about subscriptions or other Web services. For the last two years, it is THE device we have come to depend on.”