Secure Remote Access Features

Easy and secure remote access to your computers from anywhere anytime.

R-HUB remote access features include:

Remote access specific
  • Instantly view and remote control
  • Free mobile apps to remotely access PC and MAC
  • Always on after power recycle or reconnection.
  • Remotely reboot in regular and safe mode
  • Remotely login as admin
  • Allow multiple participants in one support session
  • Send Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • Blank remote desktop
  • Retrieve remote computer system information
  • UAC compatible
  • RDP session compatible
  • Optionally switch between remote multi-monitors
  • On-premise security to protect internal remote access
  • Irreversible encryption of meeting
  • Remotely lock computer any time
  • Remotely logout or login as a different user
  • Hide a remote access session and quietly monitor a remote desktop
  • Display active remote access sessions for easy access anytime
  • General
  • Firewall & proxy friendly
  • Free audio conferencing service included
  • Video conferencing
  • Recording
  • Annotation
  • Schedule in advance
  • Detailed reporting
  • Remote printing
  • File transfer
  • Chat
  • Push URL and Q&A
  • Auto-reconnection
  • Support 9 languages
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