Webinar Server

No download required. Participants join within 5 seconds. Any user can join by any device with a web browser.

No Download of Any Kind

A webinar attendee only needs to view the presenter's screen together with a telephone call for audio. TurboMeeting with its patented technology takes advantage of this simple requirement and provides a fast way to join a webinar. It requires no download of any kind and takes only 5 seconds to join a webinar.

Gain Greater Success for Attendees to Join Your Meetings

When you have an R-HUB server, your attendees are virtually guaranteed problem-free access when joining your webinars. As long as an attendee has an Internet browser on their computers or mobile devices, s/he can join. This unique advantage overcomes the common critical failure when joining meetings for reasons including:

  • Lockdown computers preventing the installation of any software
  • Firewall and proxy server blockages
  • Anti-virus and anti-spy software blockages
  • Unsupported platforms like Mac, Linux, Unix, iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.
  • Wrong or missing Java Virtual Machine or Flash installation
  • TurboMeeting offers limited features for webinar attendees:
  • View presenter's screen
  • Join an audio conference
  • Raise hands
  • Chat
  • Fit-to-window or actual-size display
  • Option to become an interactive attendee
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