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Monitor Employee Desktops

  The RHUB appliance is a way to monitor, control and record all of your employees' computer activity. This helps to prevent loss of critical and confidential data from leaving the organization and ensure employee productivity. You can even monitor and control your children's desktops.

Here is how it works.

  1. Log into an employee computer as an administrator user
  2. Install the TurboMeeting client and schedule a remote access meeting. Name the "Computer" field the same as the employee name.
  3. Start the scheduled meeting
  4. Click "Tools" and check "Hide this meeting"
  5. Logout from the computer.

Schedule a remote access meeting

Start a scheduled remote access meeting


From now on, you can monitor, control and record the computer activity anytime from anywhere.

The Meeting ID and Meeting Password enforce the access security. If you schedule a meeting as an internal meeting by checking "Only attendees from my network", the security is further harden by your firewall, which will prevent anyone outside your firewall to access the remote computer.

1. Monitor a remote desktop via a browser

  1. Sign in the TurboMeeting client
  2. Locate the scheduled meeting for an employee computer
  3. Click the "Invite" link and write down the view-only URL

You can use the URL to monitor the employee desktop by any browser including your iPhone browser.

2. Control a remote desktop

  1. Sign in the TurboMeeting client
  2. Locate the scheduled meeting for an employee computer
  3. Click the "Access" link and join the meeting

Now you have full control of the remote desktop.

3. Record a remote desktop

If you monitor a remote desktop via a browser, follow the steps below to record the remote desktop:

  1. Sign in the TurboMeeting client
  2. Start a meeting and click the "Record" button.

If you monitor a remote desktop by controlling the remote desktop, just click the "Record" button and record the session.




Locate the remote desktop to be monitored from the list of scheduled meetings

  To terminate a remote monitoring session, follow the steps below:
  1. Sign in your TurboMeeting web console
  2. Click the "Manage Meetings" link
  3. Click the "List of active meetings"
  4. Locate the meeting and stop it.

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