R-HUB Web/Video/Audio Conferencing, Live Streaming and Remote Support Servers
Grow Sales with Top-Rated R-HUB Web/Audio/Video Conferencing, Live Streaming and Remote Support Servers
Join this reseller-only webinar to learn the opportunities of selling R-HUB conferencing and remote support servers. 
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Give customers a conferencing server they own. Forever.

No more monthly subscription fees. No more limits on total employee access. Ever.

R-HUB is the top-rated server that will empower your business customers to connect with staff, vendors, IT engineers and client prospects at any time … any where … and without licensing limits on the numbers of people who can use.

Customers own their R-HUB server – versus paying mounting monthly subscription fees for conferencing, remote access and support.

The RHUB system includes:

   1. Web conferencing – collaborate interactively
   2. Video Conference – 30-webcam HD video conferences
   3. Live Streaming – streaming conference to browser attendees
   4. Remote Support – support PC and Mac users remotely
   5. Audio Conferencing – VoIP & telephone, FREE
   6. Remote Access – access your office or home PCs
   7. Webinar – No download of any kind for attendees 


Live webinar
with Q&A


Wednesday 6/19/2019
3:00 PM, Eastern Time


Paul LaChance
VP of Sales
RHUB Communications, Inc.
4340 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 282
San Jose, CA 95129
Tel: 866-758-0984 or 408-899-2830 for international
Support: 408-899-2831 | Fax: 408-516-9612
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