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RHUB Communications’ Turbomeeting Appliance Selected As One Of The
'Top Ten Test Center Products' By The CRN Test Center

The Company’s award-winning Web conferencing solution chosen as a
“favorite” technology product by the CRN Test Center Lab

SAN JOSE, CA – APRIL 14, 2009 – RHUB Communications, Inc. (RHUB), the developers of the first web conferencing appliance to deliver a “Guaranteed Attendance” with “No Download” solution, is pleased to announce that its TurboMeeting appliance was selected as one of the “Top 10 Test Center Products of the First Quarter” by the CRN Test Center Lab. As part of the Test Center’s comments for TurboMeeting, it was stated that within minutes an online meeting was up and running with attendees being able to see everything on the host's computer screen.

“We are extremely pleased to receive such a positive review from the CRN Test Center, reaffirming the innovative capabilities of our product,” said Larry Dorie, chief executive officer of RHUB. “Collaboration solutions, like ours, will continue to drive workforce productivity, so it’s important that our TurboMeeting appliance delivers a “meetings accessible for all approach” – allowing anyone to join a Web meeting from any platform at anytime, and, allowing them to join our view-only feature quickly without any downloads of any kind.”

The CRN Test Center review also went on to tout the simplicity of installing the TurboMeeting appliance, including comments like:

“(We) are very impressed with the ease of installation and quality of performance it brings to the table.”

“Once installed, all we had to do was log on to the device from a Web browser on the network and finish the configuration.”

“The extremely easy installation and almost flawless operation make it a no-brainer for any company needing the services it provides.”

To date, industry reviews and awards earned by TurboMeeting continue to confirm the technology’s position as being the leading "Collaboration Quad Player" in the market. The solution delivers a 6-in-1 Web conferencing solution that’s fully loaded with four complete collaboration solutions – all in one box, including the delivery of Web conferencing that provides Web-based interactive meetings; Remote support which remotely supports PC and Mac users; Remote Access for remotely accessing computers at home or in the office from anywhere, anytime; and, Web Seminars which requires no downloads and delivers meeting access in seconds – as confirmed by the CRN Test Center Review.

TurboMeeting also overcomes two key barriers found with WebEx and GotoMeeting - 1) the requirement of downloads, and, 2) ongoing monthly fees. Now, for the first time with TurboMeeting’s view only solution, there are No downloads, No Java, No Flash, No Nothing – just online meeting accessibility done fast. Also, there are no monthly fees because the user pays for the product one time and then truly owns, and can even brand, the solution.

In addition, IT security is also greatly enhanced with TurboMeeting since the data shared via the web conferencing solution is actually protected inside of the corporate firewall, instead of data being shared “on the outside” and unprotected across the Internet. Ponemon Institute's 2007 Annual Study: U.S. Cost of a Data Breach –indicates that 40% of data breaches involved 3rd party solution providers in 2007, up from 21% in 2005. In addition, no additional IT Resources and/or IT maintenance cost is required for deploying this solution.

To learn more about TurboMeeting and to receive a FREE Demo of the product, visit www.rhubcom.com . To read the CRN Test Center Review in detail, feel free to visit the following link:

About RHUB Communications
RHUB is a premier provider of on-premise Web conferencing, remote support and remote access appliances, based on the Company’s TurboMeeting software, that meet the needs of any organization. The Company’s end users total over 8,000 in a variety of market segments including services, manufacturing, and government. RHUB’s on-premise Web conferencing appliances focus on criteria of the highest importance to users: ease-of-use, affordability, security, control, and reliability. RHUB’s breakthrough View-Only technology enables users of any platform to join meetings by a browser, requiring no download. With a small footprint, and power draw of only 4.5 watts, RHUB’s on-premise Web conferencing appliances are the perfect choice for organizations seeking to improve their environmental credentials. RHUB is privately-owned and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. For more information, visit www.rhubcom.com .

Kimberley Brown

RHUB Communications