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Overview of RHUB Web Conference & Remote Support Servers

The RHUB web conference and remote support servers, which are plug & play and IT maintenance free, have unique advantages over hosted services, including on-premise security, branding and integration.

The RHUB server can be paid off within 3 to 10 months, as opposed to monthly subscription hosted services. Unlike hosted services charging named users for subscription fees, the RHUB server uses floating licenses and has no limitation on the number of users. The following chart (based on TM-210, click here for details) shows the sharp increase of cost saving when the RHUB server is deployed for more employees:

  • For 2 employees, it takes 3 - 12 months to pay off WebEx/GotoMeeting, LogMeIn or combined.
  • For 10 employees, it takes only 1 - 2.5 months to pay off.

With LDAP integration secured by your firewall, the RHUB server rapidly delivers a productivity boost to everyone in your organization. It is unmatched by any hosted service provider.

The RHUB server family consists of two product lines:

Each product line is supplied with RHUB's reliable & free audio conferencing service. Download the datasheet for the outline of the product functionalities.

The two product lines are built upon the following six included real-time collaboration applications:

  1. Web conferencing – give sales presentations and product demos, and collaborate interactively
  2. Remote Support – support PC and Mac users remotely
  3. Audio Conferencing – VoIP based audio conferencing & free landline audio conferencing services
  4. Video Conferencing – multi-point webcam based video conferencing
  5. Remote Access – access your office or home PCs from anywhere, anytime
  6. Webinar – provide online seminars without download of any kind for view-only attendees

The following table shows the product configurations:

Products Applications
Meeting Rooms /Concurrent Supporter Workstations Concurrent
Number of
PCs to be
all time
TurboMeeting 6-in-1 Web
1. Web Conferencing
2. Remote Support
3. Audio Conferencing
4. Video Conferencing
5. Remote Access
6. Web Seminar
Number of
meeting rooms
Number of
concurrent participants
of all meeting
rooms combined
Number of
concurrent participants
- 1
TurboSupport Remote
1. Remote Support
2. Remote Access
(unattended support)
3. Audio Conferencing
4. Video Conferencing
Number of concurrent supporter workstations.
No limitation on the number of concurrent support sessions per supporter workstation.
Up to 10 participants per support session. 300 and 1,000 depending on models

Note: The parameters in red are configurable when you purchase an RHUB server. You can upgrade your server at anytime

Unless you need to remotely access a large number of PCs for unattended support, the TurboMeeting 6-in-1 Web Conferencing Server is the best choice. It provides the most flexibility and functions for your collaboration needs, now and in the future (see the figure below).

6-in-1 real time collaboration

If you do need to remotely access a large number of PCs (300 and above) for unattended support, the RHUB remote support server is designed for you. Each supporter can run as many support sessions as he/she wants on one computer/terminal, i.e., one workstation. The license manager only controls the number of concurrent supporter workstations.

Below is a screen shot of the main control panel for web conferencing.