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RHUB Webinar Registration


Join us to learn how the RHUB server can help your business. The webinars are conducted using the RHUB server. Experience it in real time.

  1. Webinar for resellers               

Selling in-house web conferencing & remote support solutions with RHUB servers

The webinar will show you the fast growing $2.5 billion market opportunities in web conferencing and remote support and how to become an RHUB reseller to enter into the market.

Time: Every Wednesday, 2:00 PM, Eastern Time

  2. Webinar for end users             

In-house web conferencing & remote support solutions - RHUB servers

This webinar will go through the key product functions and benefits and show you how the RHUB server cost-effectively empowers every employee in your organization with six real-time collaboration applications: web conferencing, webinar, remote support, remote access, audio conferencing and video conferencing.

Time: Every Thursday, 2:00 PM, Eastern Time