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Case Study --- Sento Corporation

Sento Corporation (Nasdaq: SNTO) specializes in Right ChannelingSM, a proven methodology designed to optimize customer contact solutions and ensure that companies make informed choices for multi-channel communication that support their business goals and customer expectations. The following is a Q&A with Becky Green, Senior Learning & Quality Manager, and Ken Guymon, Director of IT.


Q: We understand that Sento uses TurboMeeting to conduct remote training for their representatives. Can you give us some examples of how you use TurboMeeting?

A: “We have used Turbo Meeting on a number of occasions for training and meetings, including our company wide meeting consisting of many users. We have shared numerous PowerPoint presentations, web tools, and various applications. We use TurboMeeting several times each week.”

Q: Where there any problems or specific issues that you needed to resolve with a Web conference solution?

A: “We felt we needed to reduce the time it took to get meetings started as we were spending more time on troubleshooting then the presentations. We needed an easy way for the participants to view the presentations and at the same time we were looking to reduce or contain our costs.”

Q: Can you describe how your TurboMeeting installation went?

A: “It was a very simple installation. Following the instructions, it was completely setup in about 15 minutes.”

Q: What specific features of TurboMeeting are most important to you?

A: The features we like and use are Interactive Meeting, Seminar, Recurring Meeting, the Record feature, the ability to Change Controller and Presenter features, as well as the Chat. We haven’t had any issues with these features.

Q: Can you think of specific examples of how efficiency or productivity has been improved?

A: “When used for training or meetings there are no issues getting connected to RHUB, which saves a lot of time. It is very easy to hold a meeting, and for users to join meetings. The fact that users can view the meeting with no download has greatly improved our ability to have people view our presentations.”

“With our TurboMeeting-500, we recently hosted a large meeting. This meeting held 80 attendees who used “View Only” to the presentation without any download, along with 18 interactive attendees who had rights to present. It worked like a charm.”

Q: Have you used other Web conferencing solutions?

A: “In the past we have used the mainstream Web conference solutions. We found that when we scheduled a meeting or training, many participants had a difficult time getting connected for one reason or another. At times we found that we spent more time troubleshooting connectivity issues than in the meeting or training itself!”

Q: “Are you satisfied with the TurboMeeting, or are there any changes or additions you'd like to see?

A: “We are highly satisfied. It would be nice if when we schedule a meeting in TurboMeeting, it would automatically update our Outlook calendars on our Exchange server with the meeting information – this would save us the need to schedule a meeting in two places.”

Q: Do you have any additional statements you’d like to add?

“RHUB is much easier to use then our previous providers. We just provide our students a URL for the training session and we are able to start. There’s no software the student needs to install or lengthy troubleshooting to get the students connected.”
--- Becky Green, Sr. Learning and Quality Manager, Sento Corporation.

“RHUB was very easy to setup and requires very little technical support or administrative work for the company’s IT Department”
--- Ken Guymon, Director of IT, Sento Corporation