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Remote Access

7.2 Remotely Accessing my PC

After you start a Remote Access meeting at Location A, you can now join the meeting from anywhere (Location B) to remotely control the computer at Location A.

  • Launch TurboMeeting by clicking the TurboMeeting shortcut from the desktop
  • Click the Join a Meeting icon
  • Fill in the Meeting Server Address, Meeting ID, Meeting Password and Your Name. In this type of meeting, the Password is mandatory.

Note that you have to remember the meeting password. There is no way to recover the meeting password.

After joining a Remote Access meeting, you can perform the following remote tasks in addition to the remote control and file transfer:

  • Control the task manager of the remote computer
  • Reboot the remote computer

reboot remote computer
Option to reboot the remote computer

For example, if you click Reboot, the remote computer is rebooted upon confirmation.

reboot remote computer confirm
Confirmation for rebooting a remote computer

Note that even if you exit the TurboMeeting application from your computer at location B, the TurboMeeting client will still work on the remote computer at location A. This allows you to access the computer (in location A) from other places and different times.

You can use the Zoom option Fit-to-screen to fit the screen of the remote computer to the size of your screen. In addition, the Zoom option can show the remote computer’s screen as a certain percentage of its original size.