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Unattended Support

8. Unattended Support

Unattended Support is a support session that occurs when the person being supported, the supportee, is not present when their computer is receiving support.

To enable an Unattended Support session (or meeting), the supporter first starts a Remote Support meeting and clicks continue:

unattended support
Supporter starts a Remote Support meeting

On the supportee’s system, the supportee installs TurboMeeting and joins this Remote Support meeting with the generated Meeting ID.

join remote support
Supportee joins the Remote Support meeting

The supportee should accept the default answer: “Control and view your computer”:

desktop sharing
Supportee allows supporter to Control and view your computer

If the supportee is not a Windows Administrator, the “Run as Admin” option appears. Click the “Run as Admin” icon and specify an Admin’s Name and Password for the supportee’s computer:

support login
For Windows non-Admin users, specify an admin name and password

On the supporter’s computer, choose Tools | “Change to unattended support session”:

unattended remote support
Supporter changes to unattended support session

The supporter must enter a Computer Name for the supportee and a Meeting Password:

remote support
Supporter enters supportee’s computer name and a meeting password

The supportee should accept that the supporter can provide unattended support:

unattended support
Supportee should accept that the supporter can provide unattended support

This meeting has now become a Remote Access meeting. From now on, the supporter will be able access this meeting from their Active meeting list:

remote access
Supporter will always see this Remote Access meeting in their Active list